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The continuation extends the lien another five years. Continuations can be filed repeatedly, which could make a tax lien valid indefinitely. Idaho law allows continuations on state liens until they're paid in full. This applies to all liens except those for child support, which don't expire. To avoid having a notice of tax lien filed against your property, send the Tax Commission full payment by the final payment date on your Notice and Demand letter.

We accept cash, checks, e-checks, money orders, and credit cards. You can always make payments online. Unlike tax returns, tax liens are a public notice of debt.

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These liens attach to your property and your rights to property. Once the Tax Commission has filed its notice with the Secretary of State, information from the lien is available to the public. If there's an unknown lien listed on your credit report, it may not have been filed by the Tax Commission.

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You should check with the Secretary of State's office or your county recorder to find out who holds the lien you'll need to know the docket or filing number. Then, you can email our Lien Desk and:.

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A lien can still show on your credit report for years after it's been released. To prove it's been satisfied, you'll need to do a lien search by going to the Secretary of State's website or by calling the Secretary of State's office at Authority O. A Must be filed within 90 days from the date of completion of work or last day materials were furnished.

Military Discharges. Documents are recorded immediately and returned. The following documents are accepted for recording:. Deeds of Conveyance.

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All Deeds of Conveyance require a PT Payment of transfer tax is required at time of recording if not exempt. PT's available online at www. Form must be completed online, printed and submitted with deed at time of recording. Security Deeds. Must be filed within 90 days from date of execution to avoid penalty and interest on intangible tax if the maturity date is more than three years or it is not exempt.

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Forclosure Deeds. Cross References. This division is also responsible for personal property recordings.

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If you have the right to file a lien, the next step is to produce the lien document. We prefer not to perform the notary function for documents that need to be recorded in this office. You can also visit the U. The recording of a document resulting in a transfer of title could subject the property to a reassessment. Hillsborough Registry Tel: Images of documents are available from to present.

The purpose of this recording is to provide public notice that personal properties located in DeKalb County have outstanding liens against them. The Real Estate Division receives and processes over , documents affecting title to real estate each year, which is equivalent to more than , pages, and requires approximately virtual deed books available in the Record Room for public access each year.

Over 26, mortgages are cancelled each year, and more than 82, cross-references are entered as a result of changes or amendments to deeds or mortgages. The system is designed to provide property owners with the ability to register properties and receive notice anytime something is recorded on their property.

You need to show the world that the house is truly yours -- what could go wrong?

Our real estate records date back to when the former records were lost in fire. Helpful Real Estate Links. Real Estate Division.

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Ground Floor. McDonough Street. Decatur, GA Monday thru Friday. Property Fraud Registry. The following resources accept e-Record files:. Please visit one of the above links to connect to an e-Recording resource.