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Missouri Marriage License Requirements

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Prior to any marriage within the State of Missouri a “Marriage License' must be first obtained All county offices, including the courthouses in Kansas City and Independence, will be closed Monday, Nov. any minister or judge (as defined by Missouri law) to perform the wedding ceremony. Jackson County Courthouse. Historic Truman Courthouse W Lexington Suite Independence, Missouri After I apply for the marriage license, how soon can I get married?.

If you want to get married in Missouri, you have to get a marriage license first. Here's what you need to know and what documents you'll need to apply for a Missouri marriage license. You and your future spouse both have to go to the Recorder of Deeds at the local county recorder's office.

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These offices are usually located in or near the county courthouse. Then you have to fill out an application, sign it, show the required identification, and pay the licensing fee.

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There isn't a waiting period to get married in Missouri. You also don't need a physical examination or blood test.


The following table highlights the main provisions of Missouri's marriage laws. Missouri Revised Statutes Section History Programs History Events.

Residency Requirement

Dedicated to the Future of the Past. Historic Truman Courthouse. Tours begin in the History Center.

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Butler County Recorder. Check with your local Recorder of Deeds for more information. This document will serve as evidence of your marriage, which you'll need to complete the process of notifying several government agencies about your name change, as well as any non-government institutions that you do business with ie, banks, employers, credit cards, memberships, etc. You will need to apply for your marriage license at the Recorder of Deeds office in any Missouri county. She picked me up from the Airport and dropped me off when it was time for me to leave. You are Qualified.

The Modern Courthouse Since the Truman Courthouse has undergone several phases of restorative work to return the grounds to their appearance while addressing serious drainage, foundation, and structural issues that will bring the building up to code. JCHS Twitter. Jackson Co.

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MO Historical Society. Getting set up for the inislandparty Under 18 you will need parental permission to get married. You will give this to your wedding officiant to sign and file. You will also sign a sworn affidavit which looks like this:.

No more courthouse weddings in Jackson County?

Affiant, being duly sworn says:. That the contracting parties are of lawful age to obtain a marriage license, or have acquired the necessary consent under law if they are not of lawful age. That the contracting parties are not related to each other in any of the degrees prohibited by law, to-wit: Parent and child, grandparent and grandchild in any degree, brother and sister of the whole or half blood, uncle or niece, aunt or nephew, or first cousins. Tuesday - Pick up on Friday.

Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, you can pick it up on the following Monday. ALL information must be completed and returned when picking up the license.

Applying for a Marriage License in Missouri

The worksheet must be signed by both parties. Either person may pick up the license. The license is issued and you may have your ceremony performed anywhere within the State of Kansas, for a period of six months. This information comes directly from the Recorder of Deeds Office and is current as of Once ceremony is performed you must return license within 10 days back to the office where you purchased the license.