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Carver County Property Tax Department

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The map will be available for download in a few moments. Themes are a set of related geographic features. Property Information Application The Carver County Property Information application provides online access to geographic and tax record information currently maintained by departments within Carver County.

Carver County, MN

If this is your first visit to the application, we recommend you take the tour to get acquainted with the new site. Site News Please note that tax descriptions are not intended for use on legal documents as they may be partial and incomplete.

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Property Information Application. The Carver County Property Information application provides online access to geographic and tax record information currently. Mapping Applications. Crime · Other Applications · Property Information Search · Property Information Search - Mobile. Recording and Records. Land Records.

Bath Counts - due to the recent data conversion process from our original CAMA system to a new system, the bathroom counts are temporarily unavailable. Above Grade Heated Sq.

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Property valuations are determined each year by the County Assessor. Property Taxes in Minnesota Property taxes are levied by many jurisdictions in the state of Minnesota. The primary recipients of property taxes are the school districts, counties, and cities.

see Other taxing jurisdictions have minor levies to fund the Metropolitan Council, various watershed districts, and some other municipal functions. Estimated market value is the easier of the concepts to understand.

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For EMV tax levies, every property pays at the same rate based on property value. This position requires a high level of accuracy, the ability to meet mandated deadlines and has considerable knowledge of all of the work in the taxation area.

Carver County Clerk & Property Records

Analyzes time-sensitive complex tax data to verify tax calculations are accurate. Prepares important tax statement and Proposed Tax Notice information and mailings.

Continues the Delinquent processes through the Tax Forfeiture step; including coordination of sale of forfeited properties. Compiles information for preparation of Auditor Certificates and End of Year Certificates which reflect bond ratings relating to debt for all local jurisdictions. Monitors and maintains escrow records; applies prepayments of property tax; monitors, processes and balances online tax payments; monitors department budget by overseeing and reviewing department's payments, billings, and generates claims.

Maintains the tax system for security changes including allowing access to new employees and removing access for employees as needed. Assists with training of staff on unique software and procedural requirements.