Program in c to reverse a number

reverse of a four digit number in c

We will remove the last digit from our number and append it to the end of our reversed number variable until our original number is gone and the reversed number is complete.

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Assuming that we have provided our algorithm an integer to work with,. Where number is a variable that originally contains our integer,.

5 way to reverse bits of an integer

Where lastDigit is a variable that contains the last digit of number,. Where reverse is a variable representing the reverse of number.

C Program to Reverse a Number Using Functions

In this case, we divide number by 10 and return the remainder. Consider the integer The tens column 30 is divided by 10 without remainder, the hundreds column as well, and also the thousands column The remainder of the division will be 4 representing the ones column which could not be divided by We now have the means to isolate the last digit of any integer.

We save this in the variable lastDigit. We can start building the reversed number now by appending lastDigit onto the end of reverse.

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Remember that both of these variables are integers so we can not simply concatenate. We multiply reverse by 10 so that the ones column becomes the tens column, the tens column becomes the hundreds column, and so on. This also leaves us with a new ones column where we can add our lastDigit which we determined was 4 in our example.


C programming source code to reverse a number entered by user with output. C program to reverse a number: This program reverses a number entered by a user and then print it on the screen. For example, if a user will enter as input .

We have successfully copied the last digit of number and appended it to reverse. On these cases, what will we do?

C program to reverse digits of a number using recursion

Many compilers use a stack for parsing the syntax of expressions, program blocks etc. Logic : Accept Characters continuously and push characters onto stack. There are 3 stacks, a source stack, a destination stack and an intermediate stack. A positive count signals the initial call, and count represents the length of the string. Here, in this post we will learn about stack implementation using array in C language.

We may consider the following code to reverse a number:. Input: Output: We can write the program as follows to make it more efficient:. Here we have seen three programs which can be used to reverse any number. You may write more efficient programs. Please do that by yourself. Now we will write a program to reverse a string.

Program to reverse a number in C language

Please consider the following program:. We can make it efficient as follows:.