How to find people to follow on twitter

How to: Search Followers of Other Twitter Accounts to Find Great Candidates

10 Ways to Find People on Twitter

Following another Twitter user is handy if you want to make sure you receive the user's tweets quickly. When you're logged in to your Twitter account, either on a computer or on a mobile device, your home page displays tweets from the users you're following.

Every time you log in, or refresh your account, you'll see new tweets. If you don't want to create your own Twitter account, you can still read tweets despite not being able to follow that person.

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Use an Internet search engine to find the Twitter account of someone in whom you're interested. Once you find that person's Twitter page, you can read the tweets without having created your own account.

How to Find People to Follow on Twitter: Try FollowerWonk

Top Deals. I'll share the 3 best ways I know to find Twitter lists. With the free version of Twtrland, however, you can only see the first 50 results. While all regular tweets are public, including -mentions, a DM is totally private. Then select those you want to follow. It means your jokes can go viral if they're funny and in addition to your friends, you can interact with your favorite journalists, athletes, artists, or political figures, all in the same space. How to Use Twitter.

Bookmark the page to allow you to regularly check the user's account. For example, search using the job and you can find all the Tweets that contain the hashtag and the word job.

Few Followers – Following Many, The Uninteresting

Follow Twitter accounts that share relevant job postings. There are hundreds of Twitter chats covering a wide variety of topics, join in and watch how they work!

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Here is an ongoing list of Twitter Chats. Creating lists will help you filter content and information being shared by the people you are following.


You can have up to 1, lists and each list can have up to 5, members! Seldom do people care what you ate for breakfast so your tweets should have some value.

Think about retweeting a great article you read or perhaps one you wrote yourself. Share news and information relevant to your metropolitan area. Your tweets should be a mix of information that others following you would deem interesting. When you begin building a network of people in real life, it takes time to establish mutual trust.

Many people follow right back, but not everyone does. However, some users discover new followers on Twitter by checking out who's following people they already like.

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So, following people has two benefits: first you'll get to see what they're up to and be entertained by their comments; second you'll pick up other followers of your own. Twitter provides several methods for finding people to follow. See the walkthrough below for techniques to find people you already know.

You can also search Twitter to find people talking about a particular subject.

source url You'll find the link to the search tool at the top of each Twitter page. The "Trends" list on the left-hand side of your Twitter feed will also highlight topics that people are talking about. Alternatively, check out the follower lists of some of the people that you know and like. You may find people with similar interests here. It's also worth checking out other people's recommendations.

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