Elmina paralee harp death certificate

He married Mary E. Finley on May 1, in Washington County, Arkansas. He enlisted along with brother William to fight in the Civil War in November of that same year. They had 8 children. John died on April 20, in Glencoe, Oklahoma. He was 93 years old. He enlisted to fight in the Civil War. He married Julia Ann Conway in about They had 3 children, and she died.

They had 7 children. William died on September 2, in Greene County, Missouri.

Explore historical records and family tree profiles about Elmina Butler on Missouri Death Certificates, - ; England & Wales, Marriage Index, Elmina Paralee Butler (born Nix), - Elmina Paralee Butler (born Nix) California .. Elmina Harp was born in , at birth place, South Carolina. Elmina Paralee Harp – Elmina was born in about in Arkansas. but is listed as Albert on son Phillip Allen Harp's death certificate.

Hester Harp — Hester was born in about in Arkansas. Martin Harp — Martin was born April 30, in Arkansas. He fought in the Civil War.

He married Lucinda Josephine Sparks in He was 80 years old. She died August 25, She was 39 years old. She married William White in , and they had 6 children. After his death she married Samuel H. Matthews and after his death she married Daniel C. Martha died May 29, She was 90 years old.

She married Erastus Philow Jerome in They had 12 children. Sarah died on May 25, She was 73 years old. He married Nancy Elizabeth Gilmore in and they had 4 children.

botorganic.in/map.php Ambrose died on August 11, First names beginning with W If you find a bad e-mail address or link click here and send me the info Thanks, Bill. First names beginning with Z If you find a bad e-mail address or link click here and send me the info Thanks, Bill. Plus lots of other helpful links. October 4, , Delaware, OH; d. James and Maria Cook Webb, on December 30, Links to each time they are mentioned!

COOK, who married Mrs. Blanche married in Frank R. Frank R.

How To Genrate Death And Birth Certificate Through CRS Application (civil registration system)

Hughes was b. May IL, and Raymond S. Sep Illinois. Chicago Ave. In Chicago, Cook, IL census, [? Married 22 years, Rents home, Blanche D. Mother of 2 living Raymond S. Vfarren m. Marga-et Lucretia b.

Genealogy – Hopper, Hedrick, Cowan, Barber, Gray, Hickman, Reece, Perkins

I ; cen.. Gentry, Ho. Ullie b. Petty m. John A. Keifer m. Morgan m. HcKinney m. Hess m. I9OO, PA; cen.. Wood, OK, VC; no children he was 48, she 25 Cyr;thia A. Bone m. I85O; HB W supp. Stephens [Allen] m. I; I9OO cen. I89O; cen. Charlotte E. Bowen m. I6 - son James b. HicksJ m. Quattlebaum LJos. Ella I"lae b. Francis, Jr. Floyd fwm. Lyman m, bef.

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Funeral services were held Friday, Oct. Nepean …Alison Gotceitas….. Bums m. May Bell b. Hill m. Allen was never married.

Kennedy m. Cass, TX; B.

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Caroline b. Isabella m. William Floyd m.

William T. Harp (1804->1870) & Mary Jane Workman (1804-1834)

Cook, IL, VO - dau. Ida b. I87O; cen. Eliza b. Addie b. Clementine Augusta d. McQueary m. Trimble m. Moriah b. HcCloud m. I89O; I9OO cen. I-3O-I, aet. I; - dau. Mary bap. I85I, PA; I cen. Nancy F. Bond, IL, h. Susannah n. George's Par. I8O3, leaving "his mother, a certain Molly Floyd". Gilbert m. Luddington m. Lizader m. Martin, Ii; ; m ?

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