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Mary Kay Inc.

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Careful tweaks to world's most famous corporate incentive program

Helen McVoy was one of the first five independent sales force members to earn the use of a Mary Kay pink Cadillac. The company is holding its annual leadership conference in downtown San Diego through Jan.

Lovie Quinn was another of the early sales reps to drive home a pink Cadillac. The car that started it all, the first Mary Kay pink Cadillac in Mark Maynard. Follow Us. Show Comments.

Mary Kay Welcomes Two New Cars To Its Career Car Fleet

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Daily: J. Cooley Museum, Park Blvd.

Seventh-generation midsize sedan shows a sly side of impeccable engineering. Don't care for the lipstick? Don't worry, there's eye makeup too!

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Virginia Sole-Smith: Thank you for having me. I made what I thought were temporary sacrifices to get me through DIQ. Antonella explained to me that she actually discourages her sales recruits from spending cash on their products. I am currently a SD who has been going brainwashed for the last few years and is finally seeing the light…I just wanted to do this the right way! Support our journalism Send investigative tips Report a problem with this story. I now have a Norma Bates Mary Kay car!

It isn't often that we talk about a cosmetics company like Mary Kay here on CarBuzz. Mary Kay is actually very connected to automotive culture with its Career Car Program.

Mary Kay Welcomes Two New Cars To Its Career Car Fleet

Basically, if a woman one sells enough cosmetics and have a big enough team who also meet their sales goals, Mary Kay will reward you with the privilege of leasing one of its cars. The earliest Mary Kay cars were pink Cadillacs , but the company has branched out recently with other brands and more conventional colors.

The first is a black Mini Cooper 4 Door with pink accents. Mini offers a variety of customization options , but pink accents are very unique without going too overboard.